Don Olivo migrated from the central valley of San Jose to La Fortuna roughly 90 years ago. He started farming for his family but as time went by the family started specializing in cacao and the production of chocolate. It’s been 65 years since, and the chocolate production business is well rooted in the family.

The cacao type the farm grows is called ”cacao criollo” the best kind of cacao in the world. There are around one thousand cacao trees in the farm producing approximately 30 kilograms of cacao per week. The farm and its production are entirely run by the family, following the tradition of Don Olivo of working his own land.

Three generations later the farm and cacao production flourish. The cacao and chocolate products are sold in the local market which are very popular and demanded. You will be able to taste a family recipe for chocolate products that’s 90% cacao and is legendary in the area.